Rheinhard, S.Gz

Rheinhard was graduated from Universitas Gadjah Mada with a bachelor's degree in health nutrition, and also being the only boy of five siblings as his prime family background. His interest and curiosity about food, nutrition, and health led him to develop into a dedicated professional nutritionist. He was also actively involved in the study of women’s health and nutrition, as an additional form of interest. Other than that, he has his own space to explore and enhance his creativity, through drawing and playing some instruments. Feel free to reach His Instagram @rheinhard_k or LinkedIn: Rheinhard

Having some friends that specifically work as career woman kept me fascinated by every role she did, and she took in her daily; knowing that she had many goals in life. At the same time, however, having good dietary habits such as balance diet/health diet, is also being a challenge during busy days. There are even certain times that her weight become unstable, and it may expose her to health risk. Her struggle to maintain body weight and health has become the story behind why me personally want to be a part of HerNourish as a personal nutrition counselor, to help such a hard-working woman like her have a healthy quality of life through nutrition.