Atika Dian Yunianti, S.Gz

Atika was graduated from Universitas Gadjah Mada with a bachelor's degree in health nutrition. She is herself the first daughter from two and have a little sister and most of the members of her family are girls/women. Having a mother that also being concern about health and diet, had always been her motivation to encourage herself to be aware and learn about society. In her free time, she often uses her time to read many fiction novels, series, walk through traditional market, explore culture and culinary, mostly by her own. Just because, why not? Want to know more about her? You can connect through her Instagram @atikadian.y or LinkedIn: Atika Dian Yunianti.

As a woman in this era, it’s not even uncommon situation anymore to see women with her own career. With some experiences during my past internship in food and nutrition company, that was no doubt that since then, it had and always been opened my eyes about how many women and people in this day (especially those with careers in office) are willing to study and apply the science of nutrition in their daily life. In facts, most of them are not have educational background in nutrition. Well, that’s empowering this statement, “Nutrition or diet is not just a cure, now it is a trend”. Being part of HerNourish is one of my exciting and thrilling decisions. If someday in the future, I probably being that career women itself, hopefully I can be an influence among them based on relatable experience and scientific proved. But if it’s not, I hope with HerNourish I can become advisor and a friend to discuss with, during other women’s journey of health and nutrition.