Alvina Dewi L., S.Gz

Alvina got her bachelor’s degree in health nutrition by accomplished her study at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta. Alvina, or we can call Vina, personally is the last daughter and the only women siblings in her family. Instead of being born in a family with a background of health education, Vina was drawn into this field by her wills; hoping that her knowledges and experiences she had receive could be shared with many people and become benefits to the others. In her spare time, Vina likes to spend time with family or friends. Listen and share stories with other people, which is kind of wonderful thing, isn’t? Feel free to keep in touch with her through Instagram: @vinalvina_ and LinkedIn: Alvina Dewi.

Being the only girl in the family and getting used to see “male figure” made myself challenged to be an impactful figure and bring positive change. It’s not impossible, is it? There are so many great women out there who have managed to chase their dreams in the middle of those “side” roles in their life. It is being common nowadays for women to say that their “health” is a matter of diet and lifestyle. Being a personal nutrition counselor in HerNourish is one of many ways that I can help career women out there to reach healthy diet in order to enhance their productivity. I would very much like to share one and another stories and knowledge with such wonderful women out there.